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Lavender, Almond Oil, Onion Oil

Strengthens Uneven Patchy Beard, Anti- Inflammatory

Beard Oil Details

Promotes Beard's full potential: Some of the people struggle with growing an envious stubble or having a lush beard. This happens when the hair does not grow to its full potential and what you are left with is a patchy beard. Onion beard oil for men is made up of natural ingredients that promotes hair full potential. Beard Oil easily penetrates deep into the skin, comprises of ingredients known to provide a robust beard. (Individual results may vary)

Product Info

  • Contains Lavender & Cedar
  • Contains other natural ingredients
  • Formulated in India
  • Pleasant scent


Benefits of Beard Oil | Lavender & Cedar

Infused with Natural Ingredients: Lavender oil is well known for its aromatic and stress relieving properties, and it works wonders for hair. The relaxing properties of lavender blend beautifully with the warm woody scent of cedar. Cedar Wood extracts, known for their anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, ensure that your mane is always healthy and strong. With Onion Black Seed Oil, this beard oil for men provides your beard hair with nourishment and accelerates hair density.

Makes the Beard Manageable: If you have already grown a long enough beard, you might notice that managing it is a little difficult. Beard hairs are mostly coarse and curly and each time you wash it, it becomes dry and frizzy. Routine application of this natural beard oil men makes it easily manageable and lustrous.

Removes Dryness: Long beard means the hair dry off soon after you wash them while washing your face. Beard oil booster replaces the dryness making your beard smooth, soft and frizz-free. Massaging action softens & dislodges accumulated dirt and debris in the skin pores. Formula designed to easily penetrate into skin.

Treats Beardruff: Just like our scalp, the skin of the chin under the beard becomes prone to dryness. Our advance onion beard oil with lavender provides the required nutrients and nourishment to the skin underneath, hence preventing dryness and signs of beardruff.

Usage: Apply the oil twice a day. Once in the morning and once in the evening.

Quick Tip: Extra oil on your hand? Just rub it on your hair. Ready for a dapper look!

Customer Reviews

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Deevesh Neerunjun
1 Week of Use

It's been 1 week since I bought the beard oil. I found it really great for my beard and smells really nice as well.