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Purified Water, Coco Glucoside, Decyl Glucoside, Hydroxyprop- Propyl Betaine, Oryza Sativa yitrimonium Chloride (Rice) Extract, na Oleifera (Guar Gum), Glvcerin, Moringa (SanjanO, Panthenol, C15-19 Alkane (Emogreen LiDeyido Hydroxyprop- Alcohol, Hydrocotyl Centella Asiatica (Gotu Kola) Fenugreek Irigonella Foenum-Graecum (Methi) Extract, Extract, Emblca Emblica Officinalis (Amla) Extract, Eclipta Alba (Bhringraj) EXrait xtc, Moringa Oleifera (Sahjan) Extract, Citric Acid, PotasSIum Sorbate, Biotin, Sodium Benzoate, Fragrance

  • Power of Biotin
  • Infused with Rice Extract and Bhringraj
  • Daily Hair Fall Treatment
  • Makes hair voluminous
  • Repairs and strengthens each hair strand
  • Stronger Thicker and Fuller Hair
  • Sulphate and Paraben Free

Hair Shampoo Details

The dull appearing hair that is the constant nightmare of about all of us is something that Biotin has a solution for. The naturally occurring ingredient called Biotin helps repair each hair strand by producing a form of Keratin that fills in the damage on all your hair strands, making your hair as a whole appear healthier and voluminous. Add to that, Bhringraj that nourishes and stimulates hair follicles to make sure that healthy and strong hair grows out of them.

A rich blend of carefully chosen natural ingredients like Rice Extract, Bhringraj, Moringa and Biotin, this hair shampoo repairs damaged hair; adds volume; makes hair thicker, fuller and stronger, with every wash.  

Talk of frizz, hair damage, thinning and all those worries that our lifestyle havocs our hair with, has a one-stop solution in the restructuring and repairing treatment that Biotin can offer. 

This is your promise to deep hair care that cleanses while it strengthens and adds volume to your hair. Its daily use can help the natural ingredients present in it to strengthen and nourish your fragile, weak hair from root to tip with every wash. Considered ideal for a daily hair fall treatment & also an irreplaceable part of Men's Hair products as it works best when used with The Man Company Biotin Conditioner.


Benefits of Hair Shampoo:

Not only will it cleanse your hair gently but rather than stripping it off its natural oils and strength, this Men's Shampoo will provide your hair with a hydrating, voluminous and frizz free experience.

  • Power of Biotin: Biotin helps create amino acids that produce a form of Keratin that repairs your hair strand from root to tip helping each one of them get stronger and smoother
  • Gentle cleanse: This shampoo is the promise of settling and calming cleanse for your scalp and hair.
  • Nourishment: It nourishes your scalp by the grace of Bhringraj Oil.
  • Daily Hair Fall Treatment: An ideal cleanser for daily use to prevent hair fall. 
  • Damaged Hair: It works wonders to repair previously damaged and breakage prone hair.
  • Repairs & Strengthens: With every wash the Biotin present in shampoo will repair the most damaged bits of the hair reinforcing strength, making it stronger against any future hair fall.
  • No dryness: Dryness and flakiness, the huge stories around dandruff will be the songs of yesterday.
  • StrengthensBiotin adds strength as a form of Keratin to each hair strand thus making sure that your hair is stronger, voluminous and settled.
  • Growth and volume: Bhringraj deeply penetrates your scalp and adds the nourishment that your hair needs to gain strength and appear healthy.
  • Long lasting style and impression: Make your mark with a pronounced hairstyle with prominent shine and health that crowns you as the gentleman you are.


Usage: Use 3-4 times a week to enjoy a thorough, nourishing cleanse.

Quick tip: Follow it up with The Man Company Biotin Conditioner to lock in the moisture, add smoothness and shine.



  • Step 1: Wet your hair.

  • Step 2: Pour shampoo (as per the length of your hair) on your palm.

  • Step 3: Massage the shampoo on your scalp and the entire length of your hair.

  • Step 4: Wash & pat dry with a towel.



Does it help in hair growth?

This shampoo helps each hair strand become stronger and revived thus adding volume and growth.

It is best suited for which scalp?

It is best suited for dry scalp and hair.

How many times it should be used in a week?

This shampoo can be used for up to 3-4 times a week.

How many times it should be used in a week?
It can be used for up to 3-4 times a week.


Customer Reviews

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Recommended shampoo

This shampoo has made my hair become much stronger and give it volumes. My hair doesn't fall anymore like it used to. GOOD PRODUCT!

Benabed Fetheddine Abdi

Visiblement efficace

Meetesh Dhoopnarain
Great shampoo

It really made my hair feel strong

Reshamkanth Busgeet

I am using it n feel the roots stronger of my hair

Azim Mahaboo

I didn't know that this product is so efficient mind blowing