Doing more is an integral part of Tootakoo’ DNA.

Tootakoo was created based on the vision that a brand can BE more and can DO more.  The team at Quadis feels strongly about the welfare of strays in Mauritius, hence Tootakoo, a brand connecting Pets & Hoomans.  

Every Tootakoo's product is developed with the concept of giving back. We source some functional pet gears with unique designs and essential clothing and accessories for the Hoomans.  When you shop a Tootakoo product, we make a donation to two nominated shelters.  Tootakoo is currently a three month pilot project and we hope to support more shelters after the trial period.  

Tootakoo is a For Profit Brand currently being supported by Quadis.  The aim is to grow Tootakoo into a self sustained brand. 

Our donation model is quite simple.  From the profits of Tootakoo items, we donate upto 1/3 to shelters.  1/3 of the profits goes towards increasing inventories to that we can donate more in the future. The final 1/3 is to support our operational expenses - salary, rent, fuel. 

As a brand, as a concept, Tootakoo walks onto unchartered grounds.  At this point, we cannot estimate the impact of this brand, we can only hope that we are supported in our mission.  

Quadis Management