Meet our CBO (Chief Barketing Officer)

Hello all you wonderful hoomans, I am Sofi the Chief Barketing Officer of Tootakoo, from Quadis. My furparents think that I am the most beautiful doggo of the world.  I would have to agree with them, have you seen me? Well, you can see more of me on my own Instagram.  

When my furmummy suddenly fell sick, I was lucky to be readopted by new furparents.  They were not ready for the royalty that I am, but they adjusted rapidly.  They bought stuff for me like collars, leashes, beds etc and hooman stuff for themselves loose clothing, car seat covers and more. I think the pee pad is more for them, than me.  In short, I changed their lives and lifestyle and fashion sense.  

Tootakoo is a lifestyle brand for Responsible Pet owners ranging from pet items to hooman gear.  However, I am lucky to have had two loving homes, but other doggos and cattos are not. 

With each purchase of Tootakoo designated products, we’ll be providing meals to rescue  animals through shelters and volunteers, thereby making an impact in the lives of pets that are waiting for their forever home.

Animal rescue workers are superheroes.  They save strays.  They provide shelter, they feed them, they pay vet bills.  These rescue workers need our help.  

Thank you for Reading my Message.  Be a hero. 

Woof Woof

Sofi sig

Sofi The Dog

Chief Barketing Officer, Tootakoo