Located in the north of the island, most precisely, Terre Rouge, SCAR is home to 160 stray dogs and cats and feeds 200 furry souls daily. Sameer and a team of volunteers have rescued, rehabilitated, and re-homed hundreds of  dogs and cats that have been abandoned or abused and surrendered by their owners. 

SCAR is a group of committed animal lovers concerned with the poor state of animal welfare in the Mauritian society especially with the phenomenon of stray animals in our society. 

The NGO’s primary purpose and mission is to engage in projects to improve animal welfare in Mauritius, focusing mainly on stray cats and dogs. SCAR rescues strays daily and goes through a tedious process of vet care provision, foster care, and eventually arrange for adoption under specific conditions.

Beyond Tootakoo, you can support SCAR even further, either by donating food, materials, volunteering at the shelter or financial support.   

Please click here to get in touch directly with SCAR or call Sam: +230 5752 8668 / Diana: +230 5988 8868

Tootakoo is humbled by the work done by SCAR. With each purchase of Tootakoo designated products, you’ll be providing meals to these animals from SCAR. When shelters don’t have to cover the cost of food, they have extra funds to use towards other needs that can get overwhelming, such as medical costs for injured or senior dogs – thereby making a HUGE impact in the lives of pets that are waiting for their forever home. Review Medals